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Photo of Christopher Mills

Christopher Mills is a globally published nature photographer from West Sussex, United Kingdom. He has a passion for nature, wildlife, conservation and photography.

During the summer of 2010, my interest in landscape photography (and a move from London to West Sussex) prompted me to explore the countryside. Whilst scanning the view at the side of a field, a ghostly white shape floated past me. When it returned on another pass, I realised it was an owl - the first I'd ever seen in the wild. It sparkled a passion for watching and recording the lives of our native wildlife.

My work has been published in numerous newspapers, magazines and books, all over the world.

I aim to convey the beauty and wonder of the world around us, so often overlooked for the sake of financial or political gain. I consider myself on a journey of learning - spending as much time as possible studying the behaviour of my subjects, before attempting to create an image that displays the very essence of their being.

I hope that my images inspire others to love, respect and protect the wildlife and environment, leaving a legacy for generations to come.



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