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12 May 2017

Breeding of captive dolphins banned in France

Breeding ban for captive dolphins in France | #TankFree #SanctuariesNotTanks https://t.co/DEWN3FjMRt pic.twitter.com/7mDdEReY63 — Born Free Foundation (@BFFoundation) May 9, 2017 Legislation in France has been updated to include a breeding ban for captive dolphins in France. Animal rights activists have reportedly welcomed this as a “historic French advance”. The French government has also banned keeping all dolphins, porpoises and dolphins in captivity, except for orcas and bottlenose dolphins. French aquariums and water parks will be given six months to comply, […]

22 Oct 2016
A European Badger (Meles meles) in woodland in West Sussex, England, UK.

Limited Edition Mounted Prints (50% Profits to Born Free Foundation)

I am really pleased to announce a new range of Limited Edition mounted prints that I have on sale. 50 per cent of the profits from sales of these prints will be going to the Born Free Foundation. The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity, founded in 1984 by the actors Bill Travers MBE and Virginia McKenna OBE, stars of the iconic film Born Free, and their son, Will Travers OBE, the charity’s President. Born Free takes action […]

30 Jun 2016
Rothiemurchus, Aveimore, Scotland

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes about Wildlife and Nature There seems to be so much bitterness and hatred in the World at the moment, so I have decided to post some inspirational quotes about nature. Hopefully these will inspire people to love and protect nature, as well as inspiring people to get involved in looking after wildlife. Alongside, these quotes are some of my photographs. “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” ~ John […]

27 Jun 2016
A Barn Owl hunting.

Launch of Nature Photography Blog

My name is Chris Mills. I am a globally published nature photographer, based in West Sussex. During the summer of 2010, my interest in landscape photography (and a move from London to West Sussex) prompted me to explore the countryside. Whilst scanning the view at the side of a field, a ghostly white shape floated past me. When it returned on another pass, I realised it was an owl – the first I’d ever seen in the wild. It sparkled […]

25 Nov 2014
Chris Mills Photo - Inspirational Nature Quotes - eBook

Nature Quotes eBook

Chris Mills Photo – Inspirational Nature Quotes My first eBook – Chris Mills Photo – Inspirational Nature Quotes’ has been published. It contains a collection of my images along with some of my favourite inspirational quotes about nature and wildlife. For some time now, I have been tweeting regularly popular quotes about nature, alongside photographs I have taken of wildlife and nature. Therefore, my hope is that these nature quotes inspire others to cherish nature and wildlife more. Due to […]

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